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“Sherkin’s music is unmistakably that of a young, living, breathing and very gifted composer …. Each piece is varied, even audibly drawing from numerous aesthetics and traditions, yet everything sounds expertly crafted and cohesive …. This collection flatters Sherkin’s cogent and sensitive agility on the instrument. Solo piano music is a deceptively difficult pursuit, but Sherkin is right on point, and has produced a highly engaging full-length album devoted to the medium.”

 Nick Storring (Exclaim! Magazine)


“Adam Sherkin has developed a reputation as a go-to pianist for really difficult works, be it by John Adams, Harrison Birtwistle, Tazul Izan Tajuddin, Luciano Berio: you name it—Sherkin will play it. But from the start, he let it be known that he was a pianist-composer, so it’s a timely thing to have this first recording of his works …. There is craftsmanship in this debut album well worth hearing, and a sense of daring in the restraint with which Sherkin handles his virtuosity, giving rein instead to subtle shifts of sense.”

 Stanley Fefferman (Opus One Review)


“This new recording finds Adam Sherkin at a fascinating early point in his career as a composer …. he is dealing with the conflicting attractions of self-expression on one hand, as in the solo piano music of Schoenberg or Scriabin for example, and a less subjective, more outward and “American” approach on the other, as in the music of John Adams, with whose solo piano music Sherkin is well acquainted. It is a typically 21st century creative quandary, and Adam Sherkin has taken up the struggle with energy and panache.”

 Nic Gotham (The Wholenote Magazine)



“Pianist Adam Sherkin … is a model of the 21st century solo artist in art music. His repertoire includes Bach and Haydn, but he is a big fan of 20th century music as well.  He adds a 21st century component by writing his own, becoming one of those rare pianists who is a creator as well as interpreter.”

John Terauds  (Musical Toronto)


“Pianist-composer Adam Sherkin put together a challenging program for the opening recital of his Toronto season: four compositions by established composers in transition, and one of his own recent works, German Promises (2011).  Transitions are difficult—the pieces Sherkin played were not easy—but the commitment and consistent excellence of his playing made this a quality listening experience …. The creativity of composer and performer is quite thrilling.”

Stanley Fefferman (Opus One Review)


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